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Imprinted Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Specialist Imprinted Concrete Restoration Cheltneham

One of the most hardwearing driveway or patio surfaces is Pattern Imprinted Concrete.  Even though it is robust if   left unmaintained the surface can wear away and parts of the pattern can break off making it essential that a regular maintenance plan is put in place.

Prestige cleaning services offers a specialist restoration service to restore Imprinted concrete including dealing with any colour loss, ensuring that the driveway or patio area is brought back to its original splendour.

Our Imprinted Concrete Cleaning and Sealing Process

Step 1: The imprinted concrete is cleaned using a specialist high powered pressure washer to completely eradicate all grim, debris and any algae from the surface.

Step 2: If there is colour loss we will match the colour pigment and tint the first coat of sealant to ensure it is uniform in colour. If there is no colour loss then we will just apply the first coat of sealant to the concrete.

Step 3: We then apply a second coat of sealant.  We can also apply an anti-slip finish if required.

You can trust in the knowledge that you will receive a professional imprinted concrete restoration service from Prestige Cleaning Services using superior quality cleaning /sealing solutions with leading edge equipment.

Prestige Cleaning services also provide Imprinted Concrete cleaning and sealing restoration services to Commercial clients in Cheltenham and surrounding area including Schools, Car Dealerships, Offices and Hotels etc. Our professional standards are applied the same whether we are working at your home or a commercial property.

If you would like a quotation or would like to know anything further about the services that we offer in Cheltenham then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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